Question: How do I Copy Xbox 360 Games?

Question: How do I Copy Xbox 360 Games?

There is a right way and a wrong way to copy Xbox 360 games. The wrong way is to attempt to make a copy using your traditional DVD burning software. It simply won’t happen. Those older copying applications cannot bypass the search Xbox game’s copy protection scheme. So,Guest Posting you may ask, “How do I copy Xbox 360 games the right way?” Easy; you acquire one of the many software applications that were designed specifically to read, copy, and burn search Xbox 360 games.

When search Xbox games first became yehyeh popular, knowing how to copy search Xbox 360 games was no simple skill. Before this special software came onto the market, gamers had to physically modify their Xbox game consoles by soldering a modulation chip, mod chip for short, onto their motherboards, at the risk of damaging their consoles. Even with this modification, copying Xbox games was a complicated process of ripping the original game files onto the computer hard drive, and then burning the files from the hard drive onto a DVD blank disk. The backup copies were often not as pristine as the originals, and often worked poorly or stopped working at all after a few plays. Certainly not a reliable way to backup expensive search Xbox games.

But that was the old days. Now the copying task is straightforward and fast, and you needn’t be a computer geek with a soldering iron to pull it off. All you need is a fast computer, a DVD burner that reads dual layer, some DVD blank disks, and your copy of the search Xbox 360 game copying software.

This is the point in the process where some gamers nervously ask, “Can I copy search Xbox 360 games legally?” What’s being recommended here is perfectly legal. Xbox 360 game owners are permitted to backup their search Xbox games for their own use. What’s illegal is copying them for sale to others. That’s counterfeiting, and it is most definitely against the law. So relax. You can backup your own search Xbox game disks without worrying about spending time in the “Big House.”

One word of advice; use good high quality DVD blank disks. You are backing up an expensive entertainment investment, and should do so on quality media. The difference in cost between low quality and high quality DVD blanks is small. Get the good media, and start protecting your valuable search Xbox 360 games following the steps shown below.

1. Install the search Xbox game burning software onto your computer, and start up the application.2. Insert your original search Xbox 360 game disk into the DVD drive.3. Follow the onscreen instructions for copying the search Xbox files to your computer hard drive.4. When prompted, remove the game disk and insert the DVD blank disk.5. Follow the onscreen instructions for copying the Xbox files from your computer hard drive to the DVD blank disk.6. When the onscreen display indicates that the process is completed, remove the DVD disk.

This entire operation should take no more than twenty minutes. Because the copying process uses so much of the computer’s capability, don’t try to multitask when copying. Let your computer be dedicated solely to the copying process.

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