How to Buy the Right Blind For Your Window

How to Buy the Right Blind For Your Window

Not all blinds are the same and not all windows are the same that is why when covering a window most people will opt for a custom blind. There are so many choices available now, and It can get quite confusing. I am here to help you wade through the waters of confusion.

When I recommended a blind to anyone I often suggest that they buy them from a trusted store or designer. You also want to get them from a good manufacture. a broken blind can be very frustrating and expensive if you are not able to get it fixed if a problem should arise. I use the brand Hunter Douglas, because they make a good product to being with and as a designer and business owner they will always take care of a problem if one should arise. Hunter Douglas has a large selection of blinds to choose from that will provide different needs for specific windows. The other companies that provides good quality blinds is Superior Shades, and Carol’s Roman shade.

Let’s talk about the different products available on the market. The mini blind, it served it’s purpose in the 80’s and 90’s but really is not very stylish now. If you want a blind look but with more style, you can go with a wood blind. Wood blinds come in many colors and stains, and the valance used to cover the head rail is very attractive. I like country woods by Hunter Douglas. The only place that I really would not recommend a wood blind would be over a sliding glass door. The stacking on a wood blind is not very good, and the longer the window is, the more stack it will take at the top of your window.

According shades have been used for windows for many years now. They have their purpose, but they look a little papery to me. They can be useful in a bed room if you really want to blackout the sun and the heat. Hunter Douglas make an according called Duette that many other companies have copied over the years. I still feel that Hunter Douglas has a better longer lasting product over the other manufactures.

Shutters or better known as plantation¬†custom blinds shutters. They can come in different slat sizes, 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″, I like the 3 1/2″ if you have to mount the shutter on the outside of the window and 4 1/2″ if you can mount some of the shutter on the inside of your window. You really want to invest in a good quality shutter from a well known manufacture in your area. A good quality shutter, should be made from bass wood, have a tension control and long pins. Those three items can determine the quality of your shutter.

Silhouettes, they can be called other things by different manufactures, but the original name came from Hunter Douglas. They look a little like a wood blind but the slats are made out of a fabric instead of wood. The stacking on this blind is wonderful, because it can roll all the way up into it’s head rail. silhouettes come in different slat sizes, color choices and room darkening or light filtering. They can be operated by a cord or by remote, which can be handy in hard to reach areas. You can view these product on I personally have been using this product on my clients homes for years. They will last a very long time and really can complement any room. They are made less expensive by other companies, but you can tell the difference and the durability in the head rail is not the same.

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