Study in Brighton University

University of Brighton is a modern & progressive University. Study in Brighton University is known for providing professional and vocational courses to its students. There are over 2,Guest Posting000 students studying professional & vocational courses. In 1999 University of Brighton was named by Sunday times as university of year. Business school of Brighton is one of the largest schools in university. University of Brighton has excellent graduate employment record. Mostly 94% of its students get employment after graduation. Teaching quality of Brighton University is ranked excellent by teaching quality assessment & OFSTED. University of Brighton is known for establishing three centers for excellence in teaching & learning. Research work of University of Brighton in the field of biomedical sciences, art & design and European studies is recognized as world class.

University of Brighton is among future university egypt few universities who have achieved Matrix Award for quality of its students, advice and guidance services. Brighton University is the first university in U.K which is rated outstanding by OFSTED for management & quality assurance for primary, secondary and post compulsory teacher education courses. School of Service Management of University of Brighton is first school in U.K to provide degree courses in tourism, travel, hospitality, retail & events. Students studying tourism from University of Brighton gains accreditation from CIM . University of Brighton is a member of European Association of Tourism & Leisure Education (AIEST). Students of Tourism of University of Brighton are placed with Four Seasons Hotels, TUI, and University of Otago, National & International Consultancy Companies. Travel School of University of Brighton is a corporate member of ITT. School of computing & mathematics of University of Brighton is ranked 20th among other universities of U.K. Business & Management school of Brighton University is ranked 3rd in U.K. University of Brighton design its courses in collaboration with professional bodies so that its students develop the necessary skills required by there employers. University of Brighton has been awarded five National Teaching Fellowships.

In 2007 University of Brighton has won research funding from higher education funding council for England. In recent Years Brighton has received Partnership Award and sterling award in recognition of innovative teaching methods. University of Brighton provides counseling services to its student’s .If students have any academic or personal problem then they can consult the counseling staff. All consultations are kept confidential. University of Brighton is ranked 3rd among top ten universities of U.K .According to Research Assessment Exercise 79% of research of University of Brighton is of International outstanding. Students of 3D design of university of Brighton are regular winners of awards of national & International significance.3D design Students of University of Brighton are winners of British council for 2007 &2008. Faculty of Art & Architecture of University of Brighton is recognized as centre of excellence in teaching & learning through design (CETLD).


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